First Days

We will be updating the schedule through summer 2017, but in the meantime here’s what you can expect:


First Days events provide a formal introduction to Williams College. All members of the Class of 2021 are expected to attend. *EVENTS IN RED ARE REQUIRED. However, all of the events provide an opportunity to learn about Williams and your classmates and we hope you will attend them all.

To print or save a copy of the schedule, use the Print button at the bottom of the page.

8:00am FIRST YEAR DORMS OPEN! (EphMooovers available to assist from 8-11am, courtesy of Williams College Football) Mission Park
& Frosh Quad
8:00am-1:00pm COMMUNITY RESOURCE FAIR Paresky Center
11am-1:30pm Welcome to First-Year Families Lunch Mission Park
Family Presentation by President Falk and Campus Leaders
Chapin Hall
With Director of Athletics Lisa Melendy
Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall
4:00pm *FIRST ENTRY MEETING First-Year Entries
5:30pm *Community Building Night’s FIRST DINNER Towne Field House
7:30pm *VOICES: Community on Campus ’62 Center
9:00pm *Entry Discussions & Snacks Assigned by Entry
TUESDAY, August 29
7-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
9:00am *PLACEMENT EXAMS- First Section
see exam schedule
10:30am *PLACEMENT EXAMS- Second Section see exam schedule
12:00-1:30pm LUNCH see meal schedule
3:00pm *CLASS PHOTOGRAPH Rain or shine! Order Here


Paresky Steps
Adam Falk, President of the College
Marlene Sandstrom, Dean of the College, Hales Professor of Psychology
Dave Johnson, Dean of First Year Students & Associate Dean of the College
Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes, Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity
William Farabow ’18 and Allegra Simon ’18,  Co-Presidents of College Council
Amina Awad ’18 and Ezekiel King Phillips ’18, Co-Chairs of MinCO
Claudia Forrester ’18 and Ben Metrikin ’18 , Co-Presidents of the JAs
Meeting concludes with the singing of “The Mountains,” the College song.
Chapin Hall
5:30pm DINNER see meal schedule
7:00pm *CHOICES: Alcohol Awareness Improv
’62 Center
9:00pm *Entry Discussions & Snacks
 Assigned by Entry
WEDNESDAY, August 30 – Dorms Open for Upperclass
7-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
12:30-2:00pm LUNCH see meal schedule
*EPHVENTURES CHECK-IN All participants, except TeamEph, must check in with their program at the assigned times below:

1:30-3:45pm WOOLF

3:00pm Leading Minds

3:00pm Root

3:30pm Where Am I?!

3:30pm Exploring the Arts

Paresky Steps
4:45pm Calling all WOOLFies. Don’t be late! Towne Field House
5:30pm *EPHVENTURES: programs officially begin with dinner see meal schedule


Check it out! (WOOLF and Leading Minds return Sunday, September 3 by noon.)

SUNDAY, September 3
7-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
WOOLF and Leading Minds programs end by 12noon
4:00pm First Days Project Paresky Lawn
5:00pm First Days Picnic Paresky Lawn
8:00pm *STORYTIME ’62 Center
MONDAY, September 4 – Labor Day
7:00-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
1:30pm *WILLIAMS READS Chapin Hall
2:45-4:00pm *Williams Reads Breakout Meetings see schedule
5:00pm DINNER for Mission Park Entries
see meal schedule
5:45pm *“SPEAK ABOUT IT” (Mission Park Entries- Breakout Sessions to follow)
’62 Center see schedule
6:00pm DINNER for Frosh Quad Entries
see meal schedule
7:15pm *”SPEAK ABOUT IT” (Frosh Quad Entries- Breakout Sessions to follow)
’62 Center see schedule
TUESDAY, September 5
7:00-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
9:00-12:00pm *EPHsources: What All First-Years Should Know Science Atrium
12:30pm LUNCH see meal schedule
Marlene Sandstrom, Dean of the College, Hales Professor of Psychology
G.L. M. Wallace, Director of Accessible Education
Matt E. Carter, Assistant Professor of Biology
Nicholas Goldrosen ’20, Student Chair of the Academic Honor Committee
’62 Center
2:30-4:30pm *FIRST YEAR ADVISING MEETINGS faculty offices
5:00-6:30pm DINNER see meal schedule
8:00pm *FRAMING COMMUNITY ’62 Center
9:00pm *Breakout Discussions by entry
WEDNESDAY, September 6
7:00-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
11:00-12:00pm PRE-MEETINGS Pre-Engineering  Bronfman 105
11:00-12:00pm PRE-MEETINGS Pre-Health Paresky Auditorium
12:00-1:30pm LUNCH see meal schedule
1:00-3:00pm *ACADEMIC EXPO:  NAVIGATING WILLIAMS      see schedule Sawyer and Schow Libraries
2:30-4:00pm  MUSIC DEPARTMENT AUDITIONS    see schedule Brooks-Rogers Recital Hall Lobby

Bernhard Music Center

3:00-4:15pm  PLACEMENT EXAM – Ballet Dance Studio
3:30-4:30pm  PRE-MEETINGS Pre-Education  Hopkins Hall 001
3:30-4:30pm  DESIGNING YOUR WILLIAMS (Pre-Everything Else) Griffin 3
4:00-6:00pm *REQUIRED SWIM TEST  more info Muir Samuelson Pool
8:00pm  *JAMBOREE  Chapin Hall
8:00-10:00pm *REQUIRED SWIM TEST more info Muir Samuelson Pool
7:00-8:30am BREAKFAST see meal schedule
7:00-9:00pm First Class MeetingsOrganizational meetings for classes that do not meet the first two days of classes.
 8:00-10:00pm  PURPLE KEY FAIR Towne Field House